Empty Wholesale Popcorn Tins

Perfect for packaging popcorn, chips, pretzels or any kind of snack food, our popcorn tins will bring added value to your gourmet goodie and will be sure to have your customers coming back for more! Our popcorn tins are available in an array of solid colors and pre-printed designs or you can customize a tin for yourself or your client. If product is in stock we usually ship within 24 hours. The lead time on most back ordered product is 1-2 weeks. Our product is sold by the case and our minimum order is just one case! The number of tins per case can be found on each product page on our website. Please note lead times may increase during seasonal months.

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5S Dimensions 6 11/168S Dimensions 6 11/1615T Dimensions 10 1/425T Dimensions 10 1/450T Dimensions 12 1/4