Full-Coverage Lithography

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Full-Color LithographyFor larger jobs we offer lithography as an option for your full-coverage design or custom tin color. In order to get full coverage, the metal must be printed before the tin is made at the factory. Due to the nature of this process, the minimum order is much higher than it is for silk screen or digital printing.

Plan Ahead!

Silk screened and digitally-printed tins have a relatively quick turnaround, but lithography is a more involved process at every step, so the lead time is much longer. If you need your tins in a month or two you're better off ordering stock cans without customization or having us silk screen or digitally print a smaller quantity of tins.

Minimum Order

For most tin sizes the minimum order is 10,000 cans. Minimums are typically 5,000 for large, tapered popcorn cans, and may be greater than 10,000 for seamless cans.

Lead Time

Lead times for lithography are longer because the cans are being custom manufactured from start to finish. Lead times vary but are typically about 6-8 weeks during the slower months of the year, and may be 12 weeks or longer as it gets closer to the holiday season. The lead time begins once your proof is approved and we have secured payment for your order.


Pricing for lithography depends upon multiple factors, so there is no standard pricing. We would be happy to quote you if you provide your artwork and some information about what you're looking for. Because quoting lithography is a much more detailed process than quoting silk screen or digital printing, it usually takes a week or longer to get a quote. The more information you can provide us from the start, the better:

Essential information

  • Tin size - must be a stock size as shown on our web site
  • Quantity needed
  • Deadline and ship-to location if time is of the essence
  • Artwork - If you don't have finalized artwork please send us the closest approximation. Pricing may change once final artwork is received.
  • PMS ink colors, if applicable
  • Contents - What will you be putting inside the tin?

Options: The following options will affect your cost. If any of them apply to your project, please let us know so that we can get you the most accurate quote possible.

  • Stock components - If you're willing to use a stock color with no customization for one of the components (body or cover), please let us know (this will reduce the cost).
  • Handles - If you are ordering a size that normally comes with handles (5S, 8S, 50T) and would like to leave them off, please let us know (this will reduce the cost). If you are ordering 25T and you would like handles included, that is also a possibility (this will increase the cost).
  • Reflectivity - If you would like reflectivity (a metallic sheen) in any parts your design, please indicate which areas (this will increase the cost).
  • Inside/bottom/curl color - By default the insides, bottom, and curls of the tin will be plain tin color (silver). Please indicate whether you would like a different color on the inside of the lid, the interior sides of the body, inside bottom, and/or outside bottom. (this will increase the cost). The curl on the lid will always be the same color as the inside of the lid, and the curl at the bottom will always be the same color as the outside bottom.
  • Lacquer - If you will be putting anything in your tin that contains corrosive ingredients, including but not limited to salts and mineral oils, you will need a lacquer coating on the inside to protect your tin from rust (this will increase the cost). If your tins will contain a product that may contain corrosive ingredients such as balms, salves, or candles containing essential oils, we recommend testing on a sample tin to make sure there is no reaction.
  • Accessories - If you will need any tin accessories such as plastic inserts, dividers, pads, shrink bands, or individual mailing cartons, we will include them in your quote.


Which Tins Can Be Printed?Digital vs. Silk ScreenLead Times & PricingArt RequirementsFull-Coverage LithographyRequest a Quote