Wholesale Plastic Containers

These plastic tubs, trays, bowls, and serving utensils will accommodate all your packaging and serving needs.

Our clear tubs are produced from FDA approved PETE plastic which has excellent strength and toughness; resistant to impact, cracking or shattering. These clear plastic tubs can be used to pack multiple flavors of products into one tub. Most sizes come in multiple cavities (divided sections) to accommodate any packaging need you may have. They endure freezing and have a operating temperature range of 0-125 degrees Fahrenheit. Don't forget the tamper-proof shrink bands and heat gun to apply these!

Our clear plastic trays and bowls are a great way to present your snack and goodie products in your store, at events, and more! Are you a catering or food service company? Bulk order clear plastic trays and bowls and wow your clients with an impressive presentation of your food. We have a variety of shapes and sizes to suit any delicacies you serve.