Using Tin Containers to Tidy Up, Just Like Marie Kondo

Using Tin Containers to Tidy Up, Just Like Marie Kondo

Mar 13th 2019

Marie Kondo, the best-selling author, and host of Netflix's wildly popular series " Tidying Up with Marie Kondo," has taken the world by storm with her innovative approach to decluttering. She's the latest darling of the talk show circuit, and she's made cleaning up a cultural phenomenon.

Kondo's method of organization, known officially as the KonMari Method, is all about using simple storage solutions like square and rectangular tin containers and empty popcorn tins to organize your life while sparking joy! She's big on giving every item in your home, office, or workshop a dedicated space while saying goodbye—and thank you—to things you don't want, need, or use.

What's Unique About the KonMari Method?

Marie Kondo organizing items on the floor If you've ever tried to bring some semblance of order to a cluttered storage room, overstuffed office, or crowded desk, you know how overwhelming looking at piles of 'stuff' can be. Maybe you've even taken the time to watch one of those 'hoarders' shows on TV for inspiration, or read a book on decluttering. For most of us, the ongoing struggle to stay organized is real.

So what makes the KonMari method so different?

Marie Kondo has a unique and exceptionally emotionally way of looking at physical items. She encourages her clients and followers to consider whether or not a particular possession "sparks joy"—that's her personal litmus test that guides decisions on whether to keep or toss an item. To do this, Kondo first asks that you imagine how you'd like to live your life, run your business, or operate your company, and why. This visualization gives you the basis on which to judge which items align with your goals. And yes, Kondo does ask that you thank each discarded item for its service to you before sending it out the door. This could explain why she insists that tidying up be done in private!

Keep Storage Simple

tin containers being used to organize items Another big aspect of the KonMari Method is how items are stored. For Kondo, storge is all about simplicity—she advocates the use of everyday storage solutions like square tin containers, shoe boxes, and empty popcorn tins rather than big, complex storage units.

Kondo's storage rules also dictate that all the like items should be kept together—that means every single screwdriver, nut, and bolt in your workshop needs to have its own special spot inside a decorative tin or sturdy metal container. Stacking is strictly prohibited since stacks tend to tumble over and leave a big untidy mess.

Using Empty Tin Containers to Kondo Your Space

Thanks to the fact that most food items and consumer goods come packed in a combination of plastics and paper these days, finding the perfect square tin containers and decorative tins for Kondo'ing your space can be a challenge.

The good news is that you can get everything you need to spark joy in your space by tidying up with the Kondo Method right here at Atlantic Can. Our lineup of American-made empty popcorn tins and square and rectangular tin boxes with plentiful decorative options is perfect for cleaning up and organizing your life just like Marie Kondo.