​How to Professionally Package Cookies for Sale

​How to Professionally Package Cookies for Sale

Aug 15th 2018

You've worked hard to build your brand, fine-tune your recipes, and earn customers. Now that the orders are rolling in, it’s time to pack up your cookies and ship them out. High-quality, American-made cookie tins are the safest, most memorable way to pack up your product.

Holiday cookie tins are classic items that never go out of style. They are eye-catching, eco-friendly, reusable, and most of all, the right cookie tins help to ensure your product arrives in great condition.

Don't Trust Your Cookies to Cellophane  

While cellophane can be a perfectly acceptable material for packing cookies that are sold ina brick-and-mortar location and are likely to be consumed within just a few days, cookies packed in cellophane simply don't stand a chance when they're being shipped across the country, across the state, or even across town.Unlike with cookie tins, cellophane provides virtually no protection to your product while it's in transit, which means unhappy customers and lost sales. After all, nobody wants to pay a premium for high-quality cookies only to have a package arrive at their door filled with broken bits and crumbs. Worse yet, cellophane is tough to re-seal once it's been opened, leading to cookies that go stale much sooner than they would in a cookie tin. 

Considering Cardboard Cookie Packaging? Think Again

If you're considering using cardboard instead of, or in addition to cellophane, there are some important points to consider. Sure, cardboard may be cheap, but unlike metal cookie tins, cardboard packaging picks up and retains moisture, especially in humid, damp climates and during the wintertime. All that extra moisture can wind up leaving your cookies soggy, and that's certainly not the way you want to present your product.

And remember, your customers won't keep a cardboard cookie shipping box around their home or office; that packaging will hit the recycling bin, along with all the branding you've printed on it. On the other hand, cookie tins are viewed as collectible items that are worth keeping and reusing, especially when it comes to personalized cookie tins.

Generate Brand Loyalty with Personalized Cookie Tins

Not only do cookie tins keep your product safe and protected throughout the shipping process, but personalized cookie tins can help you convert casual customers into devoted fans of your brand.Cookie tins are more than a smart packaging option; they're downright iconic, just like other food packaging classics like glass Coca-Cola bottles, Mrs. Butterworth's syrup bottles, and the Pringles chip can. When you package your product in a personalized cookie tin, you're fostering an emotional connection between your brand and your customer; that kind of connection delivers a great return on investment.

Matching the Right-Sized Cookie Tin to Your Product

The key to using cookie tins to package your product is to match the right size tin to your cookies. Here at Atlantic Can, we offer a wide variety of cookie tin sizes designed to accommodate a wide variety of cookies and portions, making it easy for you to find the cookie tins that work best for your specific needs.With cookie tins that are perfectly-sized for your unique products, you'll enjoy high customer satisfaction rates because your cookies will arrive in perfect condition. Once you've picked the tin size that will help you maximize your revenues and wow your customer, it's time to choose the right tin inserts and padded tops.

Create the Perfect Cookie Packing with Padded Tops

No premium cookie packaging is complete without padded tops. The added layer between your cookies and the tin lid creates a ’wow’ moment when your customers open up the tin and lift the padded top to reveal your cookies in perfect condition.

Better yet, padded tops help to preserve the freshness of your product, leading to even higher satisfaction rankings and repeat business.

Tin Inserts Make Your Product Pop

Tin inserts are those clean, crisp liners that create a lightweight layer between your cookies and your cookie tin. Divided tin inserts allow you to present multiple products or flavors in one tin. Available in a wide variety of sizes to match our personalized cookie tin lineup, these tin inserts create a professional backdrop for your product that reinforces your brand image.

Seal Your Tins with High-Quality Shrink Bands

Food safety is top-of-mind among your discerning customers; with these shrink bands you can let them know it's important to you, too.

Easy to apply with just a handheld heat gun, these shrink bands for cookie tins are the perfect way to finish up your custom packaging, protect your product while it's en route to your customer, and prevent prying hands from sampling your cookies!

To learn more about our extensive lineup of custom cookie tins, including personalized cookie tins and holiday cookie tins available here at Atlantic Can, contact one of our friendly sales representatives today.