Easter Tins for the Win

Easter Tins for the Win

Mar 2nd 2020

The celebration of Easter is often filled with joyful energy. Many colorful gifts are given during this holiday to friends and loved ones. From bunnies made out of chocolate to tie-dyed easter eggs, treats both big and small are delivered to children, family members, and co-workers.

But it can be difficult to carry your Easter goodies. Having to travel with Easter gifts usually requires the transport of some unpredictable and fragile items. If you put your gifts in an Easter basket, particularly one that is open, you could wind up with broken eggshells or broken pieces of chocolate. Treats can fall out when you move them from one place to the other. You may also wind up leaving a trail of colored Easter basket grass behind you. Don't put all your eggs in one basket, as they say.

Easter baskets are thought of as the traditional way to deliver or collect easter goodies. But the reality is that they can be cumbersome.  Easter tins provide a much more mobile and travel-friendly way to carry Easter treats to loved ones.

Easter Tins

A natural wicker basket is a beautiful way to display Easter goodies, but unfortunately, a large portion of the Easter baskets that get used are made from plastic or polypropylene. As we all (hopefully) are making an effort to reduce our plastic consumption, it should be noted that these materials are not widely recyclable.

Easter Tin

At Atlantic Can, our Easter tins are all made in the USA from recyclable tin-plated steel. Tin containers are more durable than those made from cheaper plastics, which can also easily be crushed during transport.

As a sustainable, creative, and mobile alternative to the Easter basket, it seems that a new way to carry and share goodies has arrived. Easter tins are the ideal way to deliver your Easter treats this year.


Easter Tin

Everyone loves the opportunity to get hands-on and creative. Easter tins not only allow you to craft individual and unique designs but also offers you the chance to have your gift stand out. Most people will receive Easter baskets that look similar to each other. After a while, they will all sort of blur together. A tin, however, can be both unique and memorable. You can even personalize it by adding names to the outside. Another option is to utilize a design theme that reflects the interests of the person who will receive your gift. If your loved one loves baseball, for instance, decorate the tin with sports stickers or even the logo of their favorite team.

Tins are a great way to make the Easter holiday interactive, especially if you will be sharing it with children. Children can design their own Easter tin using our solid color tall round or popcorn tins, or decorate ones to give to friends or family members. Arts and crafts are a perfect way to give youth a way to learn about and participate in the creation stage.

You can also use this as an opportunity to share the deeper origins of the holiday if you wish. Consider painting or drawing imagery that symbolizes the meaning of Easter to you and your family. Incorporating these elements will give your tin an extra special touch.

Use Easter Tins Year-Round

Another great reason to use an Easter tin is that they can be re-used throughout the year. Easter baskets have their moment to shine, but they are not something that you would necessarily leave on display during the rest of the year.

Easter Tin

Easter tins can be emptied and reused to carry things in the future. Maybe you want to use it for popcorn on movie night. Or perhaps you have a circular tin that is the perfect solution to transport a batch of freshly baked cookies. Tins can also be used for the storage of non-edible items. Whatever you decide to do with your tin, you'll have many options to help you transport or hold items long after the holiday has passed.

Securely Fit Non-traditional Gifts

Easter Tins

Though candy and other edible treats are the most common items to share and gift, the Easter holiday has become more and more creative. This includes giving non-edible treats and potential bigger "gift" items to older kids. Easter tins come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes which can fit whatever items you plan to give.

Check out our beautiful selection of Easter tins. Solid metal tins are reusable, recyclable, and guaranteed to spread happiness to loved ones at holiday gatherings.