3 Ways to Turn Tins Into Great Gifts

3 Ways to Turn Tins Into Great Gifts

Jun 15th 2017

One common question amongst our customers here at Atlantic Can Co. is – “How can I make small metal tins into great gifts for the holidays?”

We know how versatile our products are, but we’d like to provide some recommendations on how to turn a decorative container into a classic, memorable gift for your friends, family or business associates!

Candy, Popcorn & Other Snacks
Did you know that many of our tins are specifically designed for cookies, candy and popcorn? We have a huge selection of containers for snacks and useful accessories. Select a tin, choose your accessories (dividers, etc.) and don’t forget to add a customized design if you want to add a personal touch to a gift that can be reused year-round!

Unique Planters

A newer trend is using small square or round printed tins as planters for small flowers or herbs. This craze has really caught on in the past few years and some of our tins can be used to create one-of-a-kind planters.

Hinged Tins for Small Gifts
Atlantic Can has a wide selection of hinged tins that can be used to hold smaller gifts. These are an excellent choice for gifts that need their own specialized containers.

If you need help finding the perfect tins for all of your holiday gift needs, contact us today!