Don't Limit Yourself to Using Popcorn Tins for Only Holding Popcorn

Don't Limit Yourself to Using Popcorn Tins for Only Holding Popcorn

Aug 21st 2018

Don't Limit Yourself to Using Popcorn Tins for Only Holding Popcorn

If you're a small business owner, you're always searching for new ways to create customer loyalty, enhance your brand, and improve your sales. Often, the ways of achieving these goals take unexpected forms. For instance, have you considered that empty popcorn tins can actually help your business thrive? When not holding popcorn, these utility items can help you save money. It just takes a little creativity.

In the United States alone, up to 14 billion quarts of popcorn are consumed by people annually. Additionally, countless people in other parts of the world enjoy popcorn just as much. All this consumption creates a great deal of waste—empty popcorn tins are used and then disposed. But it doesn't have to be this way. Popcorn tins are good for more than simply storing popcorn.


Any small business owner who is creative can think of other ways for to use these tins to increase profits.

An empty popcorn tin can provide a means of inexpensive, creative packaging or can be used for an in-store display for marketing materials, for instance. We have loyal Atlantic Can customers who have come to us with their packaging needs and have customized creative, unique packaging that take their products from good to great with the high-end look that popcorn tins provide. Wholesale businesses also have a great many ways to use these items. Learn all about some unconventional popcorn tin uses below.

Suggested Business Ideas for Empty Popcorn Tins:

1. For Storing Non-Perishable Foods

Many common critters such as insects, mice, or rats are fond of chewing through to food items stored in bags or boxes. Your products could easily become their dinner. Why not create a new business idea out of this deal? Fight off the pests by re-purposing an empty popcorn tin to safely store food. The empty popcorn tin can maintain food’s freshness and dryness. Furthermore, the sturdy steel will help to keep out even the deadliest bugs and rodents.

Bonus tip: why not turn this idea into a business deal and mass produce empty popcorn tins for the storage of pet food in people’s homes? You can turn it into a popcorn tin wholesale business with every pet owner as your target market.

2. Arranging Products

If you've got smaller items such as toys, crafting supplies, or knick-knacks, popcorn tins make great containers for store displays. Customers can easily browse through tins for items, and popcorn tins are easy to move and place anywhere you'd like. They can also be decorated for dramatic effect.

3. Instead of Bags or Boxes

Plastic bags are a major environmental concern these days. Single-use bags and boxes are incredibly wasteful and many consumers resent having so many of them. Why not consider packaging your goods in empty popcorn tins instead? These are much more useful for the consumer, who can repurpose the tin in myriad ways.

Let your customers explore your store with a shopping tin instead of a shopping basket to add some novelty to their shopping experience.

4. Unique Product Packaging

Have an artisanal product that you want to outshine the competition? You have found another use for our popcorn tins! Not only are bags and boxes more wasteful but our steel tins give an upscale, high-end look to your products. Not to mention, our popcorn tins are more customizable than bags and boxes, with a sleek finish. Using a popcorn tin as your product’s packaging shows your customers that you care how the product looks when they open it at home, finding everything undamaged and unscathed.

Popcorn tins are better for shipping products for those farther away online customers! Ensure that your product will look the same as if they had come into your storefront with the durability of a popcorn tin.

5. Creative Gift Packaging

If you arrange gift baskets for a living or want to send a gift to a long time loyal customer to show your appreciation, consider using popcorn tins. Just as discussed in the packaging sections, consider the durability, re-usability, and elegance of a popcorn tin. This is an affordable way to make your gifts stand out from the competition and encourage repeat business when your customers reuse the popcorn tin with YOUR branding and creative design.


These are some of the various options your business has for using popcorn tins. Shop our collection of solid and decorative wholesale popcorn tins here: https://atlanticcan.com/tin-containers/popcorn-tins/. Interested in the other tin container products we offer? Explore here: https://atlanticcan.com/.

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