7" Tall Round Clear Plastic Tubs (72oz)

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7" Tall Round Clear Plastic Tub with Lid
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7" Round 72 oz. Clear Plastic Tubs are perfect for packaging various treats such as cookies, candy, pecans, nuts, and more. These tubs provide a clean and professional appearance, ensuring your products are presented in an appealing manner.

Food-Safe and Made in the USA

Proudly made in the USA, these food-safe plastic tubs are a reliable choice for your packaging needs.

Purchase in 40-Pack or Bulk

Each 40-pack includes both the tubs and lids, providing a complete packaging solution. For those requiring larger quantities, our bulk cases offer tubs only, with lids sold separately. Purchase 7" lids to fit these tubs.

R764 series 64 oz. tubs have been discontinued.


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