Silk Screen Printing

1 – 3 solid color logo.

(No shades or gradients.)

Artwork Requirements | COVER Maximum Print Areas | BODY Maximum Print Areas
Fonts, Standard Print Colors, Lead Time, and Pricing

We are the only can company in the country with a silk screen department on the premises, which gives our customers the benefits of faster turnarounds and improved quality assurance. We take great pride in each tin we silk screen and strive for the highest quality in our industry.

Our state-of-the-art screen printing equipment gives us the tools to exceed your expectations. We are the only wholesale tin supplier employing Multicolor Micro Screen Printing Technology (MMPT), which gives us the capability to screen print multi-color directly on large popcorn tins with exact registration accuracy. Our multi-color, custom built printer uses UV printing inks that are more vibrant and print cleaner color over conventional inks. The result is a superior overall appearance.

While there are some limitations to silk screen printing on tins, this method offers our customers the ability to create a personalized tin in small quantities. In fact, this silk screen is perfect for printing solid colors at an affordable price.

We challenge ourselves each and every year to improve our equipment and processes to insure you get the very best product you deserve. We’re confident that you’ll see the Atlantic Can difference!


Artwork File Types:

The file format we use for silk screen printing is Vector EPS format. We use Adobe Illustrator for PC. Most graphic designers/printers use this type of format when designing logos. If you have any questions about the types of file formats, please ask the graphic designer that originally created your logo/artwork. Or you can also submit every artwork file that you have and we can let you know which one is best.

Artwork can be submitted via email or via the “Upload Artwork” button at the top of the the home page. Please let us know what size tin, what color tin, how many cases, your name, phone number, and email address so we can get back to you about your order.

No templates are needed. Just have your art created inside the proper maximum print areas that are listed below.

COVER - Maximum Print Areas

1S:5.5" Diameter
6101:5.5" Diameter
2C:6" Diameter
7042:6" Diameter
3C:7" Diameter
7143:6.75" Diameter
5C:8.5" Diameter
115:8.5" Diameter
1QT:3" Diameter
1/2 QT:2.5625" Diameter
5S:5.5" Diameter
8S:5.5" Diameter
10T:6.25" Diameter
15T:7.25" Diameter
25T:7.25" Diameter
50T:9.375" Diameter
808 Drawn:7.25" Diameter
2SQ:4.5" x 4.5" Square
3SQ:2.375" x 2.375" Square
1REC:3.25" x 2.125" Rectangle
3REC:6" X 2.625" Rectangle
4REC:6" x 4.25" Rectangle
12REC:9" x 6.5" Rectangle
CD:3.75" x 4.5" Rectangle
113 Hinged:2.0625" x 1.5625" Rectangle
205 Hinged:3.1875" x 1.8125" Rectangle

BODY - Maximum Print Areas

(We cannot print a full wrap)

1/2 QT:9"W x 1.5"H
1QT:10"W x 2.75"H
5S (1/2 Gal):6.25"W X 3"H
8S (1 Gal):6.25"W x 4"H
2.5T Conical Pail:5.75"W x 1.75"H
5T Conical Pail:6.75"W x 3.5"H
10T (1.75 Gal)Recommended Size per panel:
Maximum Print Area:
9.75"W x 4.5"H
25.25"W x 4.5"H
15T (2 Gal)Recommended Size per panel:
Maximum Print Area:
11"W x 4"H
27.5W" x 4"H
25T (3.5 Gal)Recommended Size per panel:
Maximum Print Area:
11”W x 5.625”H
27.5”W x 5.625”H
50T (6.5 Gal)Recommended Size per panel:
Maximum Print Area:
13"W x 7.25"H
33.5"W x 7.25"H


If your artwork contains any sort of type set using fonts, they MUST be included in a collected “FONTS” folder. Otherwise, they can be converted to outlines beforehand and a font collection is not needed. Remember, once fonts are converted to outlines we cannot make any changes to your type set if corrections are needed

Standard Print Colors:

If you need a color that is not listed below there would be a minimal charge of $35.00 per color for the mixing of the color. **Also, if you have 2 or more colors touching, there may be an extra art charge for trapping.**

Lead Times:

1-2 weeks after approved artwork is received. Note lead times will vary during the seasonal months of September thru December.


Our silk screen pricing is located on the top of page 5 of our Tin Price List. All of our price lists are available for download, on the right hand side of our website, once you register.