Accessories & Packing Materials

We carry a full line of accessories to give your project a professional look, including with plastic inserts, tamperproof bands, pads, popcorn dividers and individual shipping cartons.

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Plastic inserts (also known as liners) help keep your product attractive and organized. We carry liners for just about every size tin we sell, including inserts with up to seven cavities or compartments. Whether you want to put one or multiple items in a tin, our FDA approved liners will give your tin a clean, polished appearance.

Padded tops are decorative pads that help protect the product in the tin from touching the cover and adds a finished touch when opening the tin. The tops can also be used to separate layers of product in tin to help organize the contents.

Shrink bands (also known as tamper proof bands) will help keep your goodies protected. Just like the plastic band on the cap of your favorite salad dressing bottle, our brands prevent tampering. The bands come preformed or cut, depending on the size of the tin and they’re very simple to apply. Just place a preformed band over the cover of the tin and apply heat around the edge of the cover with a heat gun. It is a simple as that! And, we sell the heat gun, if needed.

We also carry individual shipping cartons for shipping your tins of goodies all over the country. The cartons are made to fit our tins and come in several different designs. We carry a standard fold up carton that closes on the ends and we also carry a flip carton which is designed like a pizza box. Our fold up cartons are white and come with a printed bow design. The flip carton is plain white. Our flip cartons can also be used as a stand alone package for nuts and other bagged goodies.

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